Saturday, November 21, 2020

Policy Update for my gacha yardsale

So I have thought about this for a long time, and have decided to change a long standing policy for my gacha yardsale.  I will no longer be banning people that buy from me and then resell those items.  I thank those of you that provided feedback on this to me and helped me think this through for the final decision.

Please just pay attention to the text above the vendors so you are sure of what you are purchasing, as I do not augment the original gacha image to circle each product.  Sometimes you may purchase an item and be immediately refunded; this is because the vendor system hadn't realized it was out of stock.  I apologize for this, but most vendor systems aren't designed for selling no copy items.

I will not respond to anyone that contacts me wanting to negotiate on prices, whether that be a reduction on a rare or wanting a discounted price for a full set.  I sell all commons at or below the original pull price, and I don't think my markup on rares is unreasonable.

All sales are final.

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