Saturday, November 21, 2020

Policy Update for my gacha yardsale

So I have thought about this for a long time, and have decided to change a long standing policy for my gacha yardsale.  I will no longer be banning people that buy from me and then resell those items.  I thank those of you that provided feedback on this to me and helped me think this through for the final decision.

Please just pay attention to the text above the vendors so you are sure of what you are purchasing, as I do not augment the original gacha image to circle each product.  Sometimes you may purchase an item and be immediately refunded; this is because the vendor system hadn't realized it was out of stock.  I apologize for this, but most vendor systems aren't designed for selling no copy items.

I will not respond to anyone that contacts me wanting to negotiate on prices, whether that be a reduction on a rare or wanting a discounted price for a full set.  I sell all commons at or below the original pull price, and I don't think my markup on rares is unreasonable.

All sales are final.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

~ASH~ and ::AME:: Existing Mesh Clothing Price Reduction!

So I was finally brave enough to ask Dylan if I could reduce prices on some stuff, so here is your first major change!  All existing, standard sized mesh clothing from ::A Master's Eye:: and ~A Slave's Heart~ have had their prices reduced in world and on the Marketplace, some by over 33%!  This is a permanent price change and not a temporary sale.

Please note that prices are 10% higher on Marketplace to cover Marketplace fees, as I announced a while ago.  All prices are below L$200, even on Marketplace!

I do have a bunch of stuff to add to the gacha yardasle, even though I didn't announce dropping a few cool items in the random gacha chest a few days ago.  I may even have some more ~ASH~ and ::AME: news for you soon, a couple of changes I am really excited about!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Okay, no more shopping...

Adds today from The Epiphany, Lootbox and The Arcade.

New items from:
Mutresse, SEmotion Libellune, KraftWork, BONDI., Salt & Pepper, Tentacio, Nerido, Ana Poses, duckie, THIS IS WRONG, .STOIC.

This update includes some Rares.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Counter Earth Grid and OpenSim

So I visited the Counter Earth grid today, which is available through OpenSim.  As expected it is filled with copybotted material.  I saw items from: Catwa, Tia, Dysfunctionality, Truth, zerkalo, le fil casse, Zaara, Meva, Ikon, Fanatik, what next, a.n.c Ltd, 8f8, DRD, PFC, Aeros, Belle Epoque, Swallow, Slink, Belleza, Vista Animations, VAW, SEmotion, Old World, NightShade Design...  There were actually tons more that were familiar to me, but those were what I was able to recognize off the top of my head or from, get this, it being in the object name.

Look, I understand if you are unhappy with the way SL has gone, specifically the way SL Gor has changed over the years...BUT...those that run this grid have accounts in SL as well, and have been around for years.  You can't tell me that they don't recognize these items as stolen.  If you want to go off to some other grid and do your own thing, by all means, go do you, but don't disrespect the countless hours that have gone into creating these items and the revenue lost for these merchants by copybotting or encouraging the use of copybotted material.  One of the main tenants of Gor that so many of you argue about people not having is honor...pot calling the kettle black much?

Too warm?

Adds today from an old Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

New items from:

This update includes some Rares.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Well maybe just a few more...

Some more adds today from past events.

New items from:

This update includes some Rares.

Backlog Cleared! New additions at the gacha yardsale

Finally clearing out a massive backlog of items.  Adds today from a lot of older events and single releases.

New items from:
amias, REIGNxBESOM, FOXCITY, Intrigue Co., MadPea

This update includes some Rares.