Thursday, July 16, 2020

~ASH~ and ::AME:: Existing Mesh Clothing Price Reduction!

So I was finally brave enough to ask Dylan if I could reduce prices on some stuff, so here is your first major change!  All existing, standard sized mesh clothing from ::A Master's Eye:: and ~A Slave's Heart~ have had their prices reduced in world and on the Marketplace, some by over 33%!  This is a permanent price change and not a temporary sale.

Please note that prices are 10% higher on Marketplace to cover Marketplace fees, as I announced a while ago.  All prices are below L$200, even on Marketplace!

I do have a bunch of stuff to add to the gacha yardasle, even though I didn't announce dropping a few cool items in the random gacha chest a few days ago.  I may even have some more ~ASH~ and ::AME: news for you soon, a couple of changes I am really excited about!

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