Friday, May 22, 2020

Counter Earth Grid and OpenSim

So I visited the Counter Earth grid today, which is available through OpenSim.  As expected it is filled with copybotted material.  I saw items from: Catwa, Tia, Dysfunctionality, Truth, zerkalo, le fil casse, Zaara, Meva, Ikon, Fanatik, what next, a.n.c Ltd, 8f8, DRD, PFC, Aeros, Belle Epoque, Swallow, Slink, Belleza, Vista Animations, VAW, SEmotion, Old World, NightShade Design...  There were actually tons more that were familiar to me, but those were what I was able to recognize off the top of my head or from, get this, it being in the object name.

Look, I understand if you are unhappy with the way SL has gone, specifically the way SL Gor has changed over the years...BUT...those that run this grid have accounts in SL as well, and have been around for years.  You can't tell me that they don't recognize these items as stolen.  If you want to go off to some other grid and do your own thing, by all means, go do you, but don't disrespect the countless hours that have gone into creating these items and the revenue lost for these merchants by copybotting or encouraging the use of copybotted material.  One of the main tenants of Gor that so many of you argue about people not having is honor...pot calling the kettle black much?

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