Sunday, March 1, 2020

Gacha Yardsale Policy Reminder

Visitors to the gacha yardsale are reminded when they visit, the policy is posted in the building, as well as my profile and our blog; anyone found buying items from the gacha yardsale and then reselling them will be banned from all vendors and the gacha yardsale land.  Claiming ignorance of such a clearly posted policy will not be tolerated.

I had been nice and had a 25% discount posted on all of my gacha resale vendors since May.  I never removed it like I originally planned.  Having my kindness abused, one item being marked up 2900%, and after having my policy in place for years, just ticks me off.  I shouldn't be surprised that there are still massive jerks in SL, especially amongst gacha folks.

The items I sell are those I have pulled from machines myself, not items I have obtained from buying what other people pull.  I only sell my extra items to try and get back some of what I spent.  SOME.  That is why I price at or below pull price for commons.

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