Saturday, August 11, 2018

Legacy Scripted Storage Furniture

Some of you may remember my store from years ago, ~Armar en Kat~  The main line of products from that store were scripted storage furniture and scripts, which went away when the store closed in 2011.  I have seen some cities and roleplay groups still using my scripts and items, so I have decided to put them back up for sale at highly discounted prices.

Included in this line of products are bookcases for notecard storage, wardrobes for the storage of SL Clothing Layers, and trunks for object storage.  Items are available in different access versions allowing access for all avatars, a set access list, a set group, or only the owner.  Each product has a multi-page menu and content counter.  Scripts are available for each of these products as well.

Also available is a trunk allowing you to store all item types, and configure all access levels in one item.  A notecard mailbox is also available with a configurable access list.

Demos of these products are available at the back of the main store.  The scripted objects are Modify/No Copy/Transfer, and the purchaseable scripts are No Modify/Copy/No Transfer.

Prices for the products are as follows:
    * Individual bookcase, wardrobe, trunk, or mailbox are L$25 (except the Stor-It, all functions inclusive version)
    * Sets with all 4 access versions of a bookcase, wardrobe or trunk are L$75
    * Individual scripts of each storage and access type are L$50 (except the all functions inclusive version which is not offered)
    * The all functions inclusive trunk, Stor-It, is L$100

Please note:  All storage furniture and scripts are sold as is with no planned updates at this time.  Each of the items is a basic textured SL prim, so it can be retextured/reshaped, or the script and can be removed and put in an item of your choosing.  These items have not yet been added to the SL Marketplace, and can only be found in world.

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